• Introduction to the function and working principle of electric fuel pump

    The role of electric fuel pump:
    1. Replace the hand pump, save the trouble of manual exhaust, convenient, fast and worry-free.
    2. Improve the cold start performance of diesel engines, fast oiling, good suction, solve the problem of difficult cold start of diesel engines, and improve the working reliability of diesel engines.
    Principle: The roller pump rotates at a high speed and has a strong suction force to ensure the fluidity of the diesel oil in the oil circuit. Especially in winter, diesel will become viscous, poor in popularity, or air resistance will occur after air is introduced into the oil path, and the oil path from the fuel tank to the engine is easily blocked. The function of the electric pump is to ensure the smoothness of this section of the oil circuit. Especially when the fuel tank is low and the fuel path is long, the effect is more significant. After the engine is used for a period of time, due to the clogging of the filter and the deposition of dirt on the oil path, the resistance of the oil path will increase. The suction of the electric pump is required to overcome the resistance and reduce the malfunction caused by the poor flow of diesel. This is why many car owners install electric pumps after they buy their cars, and because electric pumps are installed, lower-grade diesel can be used to save costs. (For example, when it was cold in winter, it was necessary to use No. 20 diesel oil. Now that the electric pump is installed, the oil circuit can be kept unobstructed, and No. 10 diesel oil can be used to reduce costs)
    Normally, after replacing the filter, a hand pump is needed to exhaust, which is a waste of time and energy. It can be solved in a few seconds with an electric pump.
    The working pressure of our electric pump ranges from 0.2BAR to 5BAR.
    Working mode 1: Working for a long time without stopping
    Working mode 2: With time controller, it starts to work when it starts, and stops working after a few minutes of work
    Some high-pressure pumps have their own mechanical pumps, which are driven by engines. The difference in engine speed will also cause unstable suction, and the suction of mechanical pumps is far lower than that of electric pumps. The electric pump can start to work before the engine starts, when the circuit is open, to keep the oil circuit unobstructed, and to ensure the normal start of the engine.
    The use of electric pumps has long been very common. With the continuous improvement of discharge requirements, the pressure of high-pressure pumps is getting higher and higher, but the suction power is relatively weak. The suction power of the electric pump is required to ensure the smoothness of the oil circuit and reduce the cold start Fault.
  • Factory wholesale sales of windshield high-pressure cleaning pumps suitable for various car models

    High Pressure Windshield Washer Pump : specially designed to extract clean windshield washer fluid from the water tank. At any time, push the liquid through the washing machine nozzle onto the windshield to clean the dirt. Product function: durable and can be used with your vehicle for many years
  • 24V universal high pressure windshield washer pump Motor for Car Bus Truck

    windshield washer pump Easy installation and top performance. Environmental and luxurious, match the cars perfectly. Durable and long service life. Clients Service One-to-One. SPRAY NOZZLEThe cleaning liquid is sprayed out withedo pressure and sprayed precisely at the cisey position to achieve the cleaning effect. WATER INTAKEWhen the cleaning pump works, the water pressure changes and the cleanina fluid flows from the water tank into the pump.The whole process is safe and efficient. Windshield Washer Pump Type DC Motor Voltage 12V/24V Warranty 1year
  • Aluminum alloy automatic retractable running board electric power 4x4 sport side steps bar For Range Rover

    aluminum alloy retractable running board electric power,Deep waterproof treatment The motor and the connecting plug adopt the water-proof treatment.Dual insurance system Fully sealed controller, upgraded ECU, the core is made in the USA.Die-cast aluminum swing arm CNC precision machining , die-casting high precision.High-tech operation motor 150,000 times of opening and closing tests,long service life, Precise control, automatic response,ultra-low noise
  • Pickup truck External accessories universal aluminum alloy hard top tonneau cover for hilux ford ranger ISUZU D-MAX Mazda VW Amarok

    aluminum alloy waterproof pickup trunk cover,strong load-bearing made, from high quality heavy duty Aluminium, Tonneau cover weight capacity can be 70kgs . TRIPLE FOLDING DESIGN,Tri-fold desian makes the pickup box cover the exposed space more practical and more beautifu . DRAIN PIPE DESIGN,Cover is coming with 4 drain tube on canister and rails. Good weather resistant.Cover is coming with good quality EPDM rubber seal. HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL High quality material,anti-corro-sion,light texture,long service life. 304 STAINLESS CABIN&METAL LATCH Durable aluminum structure with powder spraying , upgraded and thickened,and durable
  • 12v 24v waterproof pickup truck car electric air double tubes horn

    The electric air horn can produce up to 130DB pleasing tone for any weather condition,which makes it a good safety companion while driving,Bigger coil,better material,stronger air pressure give the air horn louder;durable,65 manganese steel,All-copper coil,This dual trumpets air horn works on any 12V system vehicles,fit most cars,SUV, Motorcycle, Yacht, Boat, off Road Vehicle, Buses ,easy to install
  • 5 Wires Left & Right Electric Power Running Board Motor for 2007 -2014 Ford Expedition

    Dual power pedal motor compatible with 2007-2014 Ford F150. Our kit includes a pair of running board pedal motors, suitable for the left driving side and the right passenger side.Cross reference/replacement part numbers: left-AL3Z16A507A, AL3Z-16A507-A; right-AL3Z16A506A, AL3Z-16A506-A. Please check your replacement part number to determine if the part is compatible with your vehicle.
  • 9012 H4 H7 car led headlights 5000 lumen 30W 5500K Cool White

    H7 H4 9012 led headlight top automotive LED chip, each pair of 30W, 5000 lumens, 5500K cold white light. The super focused beam mode design provides a wider and longer illumination range, Combined with the reflection of high-quality original lamp cups, it is 300% brighter than halogen lamps
  • The function and working principle of automobile starting relay

    The advantages of MYES-SRD automatic start preheating relay / working principle and instructions for use.
    Ceramic potting, fast heat dissipation, good air tightness and high strength. Outsourcing plastic shell, excellent insulation performance. Pure copper enameled wire can withstand high temperature of 180℃.
  • Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover for 2009-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 Aluminum Alloy Hard Lid Pickup Truck Tonneau 5.5' Bed

    This type truck cover suits for all 2009-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 or 2009-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 RamBox 5.5' Bed.
    Complete installation kit included.
    Manufactured from checker plate aluminium inside framing, MYES's Hard Lids Truck Bed Cover are strong, robust and durable. Brand new high quality & factory price & weatherproof & dustproof. Our hard lid pickup truck tonneau covers are fully lockable and ease of opening.
    Rated to carry 70kg of variable evenly distributed load!
  • 12V high-bass universal snail horn air speaker

    Horn Advantage 1.Strong versatility , wide range of applications,suitable for a variety of vehicles , in a variety of environments. 2.The horn has a thicker sound , and a better song brings a better driving experience. 3.Highly waterproof shell , more durable and longer service life. 4.The speaker is easy to install an
  • Pedal motor attribute information and Suitable Car Model

    Running Board Motor Advantages:

    1.304 stainless steel shaft prevents rust.
    2.Anti-pinch function to prevent accidental pinching or damage to the pedal.
    3.150,000 times of opening and closing tests,long service life.
    4.Precise control, automatic response, ultra-low noise.
    5.Large torque, rated torque up to 50NM, to meet the demand.