24V universal high pressure windshield washer pump Motor for Car Bus Truck

The washing liquid pump is generally a gear type and is directly driven by a motor. There are two water seals and one vent hole between the motor and the washing liquid pump to maintain its sealing performance. Its working principle is that when the control switch is turned on, the motor works and the motor rotates, driving the gear in the lotion pump to rotate. The cleaning fluid is sucked from the cleaning fluid tank and sprayed onto the outer surface of the windshield through a nozzle under a certain pressure, thereby playing a role in cleaning and decontamination.

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The cleaning liquid is sprayed out withedo pressure and sprayed precisely at the cisey position to achieve the cleaning effect.

When the cleaning pump works, the water pressure changes and the cleanina fluid flows from the water tank into the pump.The whole process is safe and efficient.

the connection port has a safe waterproof design to ensure that there will be no short-circuit failure during use.

Voltage can be customized
12V or 24V, can effectively provide stable pressure according to customer needs.
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