Introduction to the function and working principle of electric fuel pump

The life of ordinary electric fuel pump in the diesel pump is less than 200 hours. The MYES electric diesel pump produced by our company has a life of up to 5000-10000 hours and a suction range of up to 10 meters. Greatly improve the cold start performance of diesel engines, especially in winter, can greatly increase the speed of diesel fuel oil, is the best choice for national three, national four, national five, and national six emissions.
The role of electric fuel pump:
1. Replace the hand pump, save the trouble of manual exhaust, convenient, fast and worry-free.
2. Improve the cold start performance of diesel engines, fast oiling, good suction, solve the problem of difficult cold start of diesel engines, and improve the working reliability of diesel engines.
Principle: The roller pump rotates at a high speed and has a strong suction force to ensure the fluidity of the diesel oil in the oil circuit. Especially in winter, diesel will become viscous, poor in popularity, or air resistance will occur after air is introduced into the oil path, and the oil path from the fuel tank to the engine is easily blocked. The function of the electric pump is to ensure the smoothness of this section of the oil circuit. Especially when the fuel tank is low and the fuel path is long, the effect is more significant. After the engine is used for a period of time, due to the clogging of the filter and the deposition of dirt on the oil path, the resistance of the oil path will increase. The suction of the electric pump is required to overcome the resistance and reduce the malfunction caused by the poor flow of diesel. This is why many car owners install electric pumps after they buy their cars, and because electric pumps are installed, lower-grade diesel can be used to save costs. (For example, when it was cold in winter, it was necessary to use No. 20 diesel oil. Now that the electric pump is installed, the oil circuit can be kept unobstructed, and No. 10 diesel oil can be used to reduce costs)
Normally, after replacing the filter, a hand pump is needed to exhaust, which is a waste of time and energy. It can be solved in a few seconds with an electric pump.
The working pressure of our electric pump ranges from 0.2BAR to 5BAR.
Working mode 1: Working for a long time without stopping.
Working mode 2: With time controller, it starts to work when it starts, and stops working after a few minutes of work.
Some high-pressure pumps have their own mechanical pumps, which are driven by engines. The difference in engine speed will also cause unstable suction, and the suction of mechanical pumps is far lower than that of electric pumps. The electric pump can start to work before the engine starts, when the circuit is open, to keep the oil circuit unobstructed, and to ensure the normal start of the engine.
The use of electric pumps has long been very common. With the continuous improvement of discharge requirements, the pressure of high-pressure pumps is getting higher and higher, but the suction power is relatively weak. The suction power of the electric pump is required to ensure the smoothness of the oil circuit and reduce the cold start Fault.

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