Aluminum alloy automatic retractable running board electric power 4x4 sport side steps bar For Range Rover

Car electric running board side pedal--background

Since AMP in the United States developed a four-link electric pedal dedicated to off-road vehicles in 2010, the number of electric pedals for suitable models has increased year by year. However, the car electric pedal still continues the AMP four-bar linkage structure. Structural thinking has also tended to solidify, and the four-bar linkage bracket has become synonymous with electric pedals.

The electric foot pedal control unit (EFPCU) mainly realizes the function of controlling the foot pedal to expand and contract with the opening and closing of the door. It is convenient for passengers to get on and off the bus, and at the same time, the grade of the vehicle is significantly improved. Especially for high-chassis vehicles to provide convenient services. The electric pedal consists of a pedal, a telescopic mechanism, a motor assembly, a controller, a control harness, a magnetron module (optional) and installation accessories.


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Deep waterproof treatment
The motor and the connecting plug adopt the water-proof treatment
Dual insurance system
Fully sealed controller, upgraded ECU, the core is made in the USA.
Die-cast aluminum swing arm
CNC precision machining , die-casting high precision
High-tech operation motor
150,000 times of opening and closing tests,long service life, Precise control, automatic response,ultra-low noise
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The emergence of electric pedals put our cars on the label of "intelligence and technology". The voices of many urban SUV owners indicate that the traditional four-bar linkage electric pedal has reached the time to innovate. Most of the emergence of new things came into being under the pressure of demand. Electric pedals have been around for many years, and the technology is basically mature. Use technological innovation to promote the iterative replacement of electric pedals, tap the differentiated functions of electric pedals, and increase the core competitiveness of products.


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