5 Wires Left & Right Electric Power Running Board Motor for 2007 -2014 Ford Expedition

Electric pedals, electric retractable pedals, and smart car pedals refer to electric mechanisms that facilitate passengers to get on and off the car. This mechanism is different from the commonly used fixed pedals. It can be extended and retracted according to the needs of the driver and passengers to open or close the door. When it is lengthened, it can reduce the stepping distance, which is convenient for the rider (similar to the horse riding stone used in ancient horse riding). When stowed, it is stored under the chassis of the vehicle or on the side of the skirt, which does not affect the minimum ground clearance of the vehicle and the appearance of the vehicle. With the hot sales of SUVs, more and more consumers choose to install electric pedals. Electric pedal motors provide power for the automatic pedals of certain trucks and SUVs. And our pedal motor can restore the normal operation of the vehicle's power pedal. Over time, the pedal cannot be lowered and retracted normally. this is normal phenomenon. You can solve this problem by replacing the electric pedal motor. Note: This electric pedal is suitable for vehicles with an axle length of 110mm and a groove width of 38mm. If you need other sizes, you can contact us.

About this motor

  • -Dual power pedal motor compatible with 2007-2014 Ford F150. Our kit includes a pair of running board pedal motors, suitable for the left driving side and the right passenger side.
  • -Cross reference/replacement part numbers: left-AL3Z16A507A, AL3Z-16A507-A; right-AL3Z16A506A, AL3Z-16A506-A. Please check your replacement part number to determine if the part is compatible with your vehicle.
  • - The electirc power side step motor usually has one of two failures: at the hinge or due to a faulty motor causing the pedal to jam. Our pedal motors match the assembly and function of the original equipment motors. And has undergone extensive material and cycle testing to ensure durability and performance. Choose MYES power running board motor to replace your damaged pedal motor!
  • - Be careful:The part has NO hinge bracket, just a running board motor as the pictures show. High quality power running board motor is designed compacted and easy for assembly. It provides convenient service while getting on and off the 2007-2014 Ford F150 vehicles.



Why choose us


 We have quality you can trust


Motor  advantage

1.304 stainless steel shaft prevents rust
2.Anti-pinch function to prevent accidental pinching or damage to the pedal
3.150,000 times of opening and closing tests,long service life
4.Precise control, automatic response, ultra-low noise
5.Large torque, rated torque up to 50NM, to meet the demand.

【INSTALLATION】- Easy Installation, Left Driver Side Power Running Board Motors, Compact Design and Durability. Easy to Install and Operation, and Professional Installation is Recommended

Scope of application
2007 -2014 Ford Expedition

【HIGH-END QUALITY】- Running Board Motor Restores Proper Operation to a Vehicle's Power Running Board. the Running Board Motor is Constructed of Steel and Aluminum for Long-Lasting Durability

Environmental characteristics

1. Operating temperature and humidity range: temperature: -20℃~ +65℃; Humidity: 45%~75%.
2. Storage temperature and humidity range: temperature: -10~40℃, humidity: 75%MAX.
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