12V high-bass universal snail horn air speaker

Horn Advantage

1.Strong versatility , wide range of applications,suitable for a variety of vehicles , in a variety of environments.

2.The horn has a thicker sound , and a better song brings a better driving experience.

3.Highly waterproof shell , more durable and longer service life.

4.The speaker is easy to install and has good heat dissipation performance 


Dual-tone Loud

115DB loudness, giving you a loud and clear sound to warn others. Our 12v speakers help you reduce unnecessary injuries and add a level of safety to your driving.

Waterproof Material

ABS polymer material, strong corrosion resistance,waterproof product,It won't get rusty and circuit short when it is raining.


Strong corrosion resistance contact performance, onger service life.

Wide Application

Our 12V electric snail horn is suitable for a variety of vehicle, such as SUV, motorcycle, car, truck, RV, even boat. Using our horn can help you drive more safely, prompt danger in time, and avoid accidents.

Operating Voltage DC 12V
Bass Frequency 410Hz
Treble Frequency 510Hz
Sound Level 115dB
Package Size 12*12*12cm
Weight 0.55kg
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