9012 H4 H7 car led headlights 5000 lumen 30W 5500K Cool White

LED as a new type of solid-state light source, has been gradually applied to the interior and exterior of the car, especially the interior lighting of the car, color LED response has been very mature. Automotive external applications are also developing, brake lights, taillights and turn signals, reverse lights, high brake lights and so on have been applied LED, and as a vehicle headlight lighting, due to the need for high-power LED , restricted by technology and LED cost-effective, especially in the field of optics, electronic control, thermal management is also difficult, popularization will take 3 to 5 years, the industry has only started to apply in some luxury and high-end models. LED car lights should be selected according to different types of car lights.

About this H7 H4 9012 led headlight

  • 【300% brighter than expected】Built-in CSP LED chips with 30W 5000 Lumens per pair 5500K cool white. 300% brighter than halogen light. Give you the best horizons while driving but not blinding others.
  • 【Double vision enhancement】Provide the most safety beam pattern, long distance and wide range. Make sure you can foresee the danger on the road and normal driving in extreme weather like rainy, snowy, foggy day.
  • 【10 minutes of hood opening】Real plug and play, Almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen. Perfectly fit your vehicle without modifications. No tool needed, only take within 10 minutes to install. Lights your way home instantly when fired
  • 【50000+ hours lifespan】Solid aviation aluminum body, 12,000RPM turbo fan provide efficient heat dissipation and super cooling ability. Ensure 50000+ hours lifespan with the best performance, 1 YEARS WARRANTY
  • 【Fits 98% Vehicles】Novsight LED fit most vehicle's computer system without error such as Radio interference,light flash. If you are not sure which bulb size fits your vehicle or other issues, please contact with us.


Why choose us



 We have quality you can trust


Up to 5,000 Lumens

Customized beam patterns

5,500 K Cool White

Brightest and Safest experience to car owner

Built-in 12,000 RPM/MIN fan

More efficient heat dissipation

Burnout prevention design

Keeps up with the hot car body environment

Almost 1 :1 VS halogen light

H4 led bulb fit 98% Vehicle model

Installation just take 10 minutes without tools


  • Model:Terrano
  • OEM No:9012, h4, H7,h4,H7
  • Voltage:12V-24V
  • Lumen:5000LM
  • Electric Current:2.5±0.2/1.2±0.2
  • Color Temperature:5500K
  • Power:30W
  • Waterproof grade:IP68
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