The function and working principle of automobile starting relay

In the automobile circuit, relay is an indispensable circuit component, basically every automobile circuit will have a relay, such as car lighting, wiper, starter, air conditioner, electric seat, electric doors and Windows, anti-lock device, suspension control, sound and so on all need to use control relay. 

MYES-SRD auto start preheating relay advantage

1.Ceramic potting , fast heat dissipation , good sealing and high strength.
2.Outsourcing plastic shell , excellent insulation performance.
3.Pure copper is resistant to high temperature enameled wire of 180℃.
4.The contact materials are all TU2 oxygen-free electrolytic copper.
5.The power cord is made of 200C high temperature resistant PTFE material.
6.Inert gas is filled after vacuuming inside to prevent arcing and sintering and improvehe loa
7.Mounting brackets with different hole distances , better replace the old model of different relays





MYES-SRD technical parameters and instructions for use

MYES-SRD start/preheat relay , working principle and instructions for use:

1.When the two wires are energized with working voltage , the coil generates a magnetic field toattract the moving iron core , and the moving iron core pushes the contact piece to close the twoM6 terminal circuits.
2.When the coil is powered off , the magnetic field disappears , and the moving iron core bouncesback under the action of the spring force , thus disconnecting the circuit of the two M6 terminalposts .

Techniacl Parameter requirements:

1 . The product technical requirements meet the requirements of QC / T413-2002 , QC / T695-2002.

2 . The product parameters are shown in the table below.
Rated Voltage Operating Voltage Starting Voltage Release Voltage  Coil Current
DC 12V 10~16V ≤ 8V 1.5~4V ≤ 2.4A
DC 24V 20~32V ≤ 16V 3~8V ≤ 1.2A


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