Automotive LED headlights adopt design principles and attribute parameters


Product Name Car Led Headlight
Type Led Headlight Bulb
Lumen 5600 LM
Color Temperature Natural White 6000k
Waterproof Grade IP68
Application Automobile Led Headlight
Function Driving Safely
Warranty 1 year
Voltage 12v-24v
Power 45W


Our car LED headlights It adopted high spotlight wide range,the reflection principle of the lamp bowl makes the light condensed and reflected, and the light type is better.
In fact, to give you the best lighting effect, we The use of high-brightness LED wick, high-brightness lumens, stable light color, high temperature resistance, and long service life. Have a customized 360 degree adjustable metal bracket design.It can be adjusted by slightly rotating the metal bracket to get the perfect beam pattern.The radiation surface changes the origi nal propagation direction so that the light emit ted by the light source can propagate in the required direction after reflection, which can make better use of the light cup reflection.
We have always believed that we are the best product. Our goal is to produce all our LED lights with the highest quality standards with the participation of all our employees and customers. Our mission is to make every car on the road have a bright vision, and to ensure the safety of all human lives as much as possible.You can go to the link below to view specific product details:Car Led Headlights
In addition to car LED headlights, our main products also include: pedal motors, pickup trunk lids, pickup truck roll cages, roof racks, pedals, automotive electric and air horns, starting relays, etc.; In the future, our products It will also be constantly updated, bringing the latest styles and the best products to every customer.

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